Welcome to the heart of my website; my blog. My stories. My Lores.
Below, I have divided my mania into 6 different categories, to represent different interests in my life.
Do note that there is a 7th category, but it is so big that it receives its own website, which I will link here when it is ready!

Jan. 22nd Update:
January has been tough. My mom passed on the 4th, so I have been in a whirlwind, to say the least. Additionally, I traveled to Boston, and will also travel to Portland next week. With all of this going down, that means more content.
But I don't know when...

My electronic journal.
Personal thoughts on my own life and just being a member of this planet.

Places I go, local and beyond!

All the noms. Eating cleaner, being sustainable, and discovering new ingredients and recipes, especially those created from scratch, instead of relying on processed junk.

To be healthy, internally and on the surface, one does not need to turn to synthetic medications or shelved beauty products, when the earth has provided remedies and the Fountain of Youth.

I normally don't whine and complain, but I am human, and naturally there are things out there that will chafe me. This is my place to vent. Misery loves company, so read on and smirk. Otherwise, GTFO.

With smart phones being so prevalent, and cameras so readily available, everyone is taking more photos. I pick the theme, you bring the images!