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Fall Foto 2013

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Fall Foto 2013

Last month, I made an announcement here on my blog (and an advanced announcement to newsletter subscribers in the September mailing) that I would be having my first "Photo Party," with the subject of autumn. Basically, anyone who wanted to participate just had to snap fall photos during this past month, and send them over to my email.

I had no idea if anyone would show up to this Party, and I was really happy to get some attendees! Below, enjoy these spectacular photos that were submitted, as well as my photography attempts at the bottom. Everyone's photos are square-cropped, for the purpose of making them fit nicely, so be sure to click each of them to see a larger and unclipped photo (it will open in a new tab/window).

There were a couple things that were surprisingly cool about creating this blog entry:

One was that it forced me to look for specific shots, no matter where I was. Whether I was having coffee at my mom's kitchen table, or in my car at a stop sign, I was looking around to see if there was a Kodak moment. Because of this motivation, it helped me to admire the beautiful surroundings in a new way. I feel as if I saw MORE. Whether I make it into another Photo Party blog entry or not, I'm thinking it may be a good idea for myself to have a photo subject each month: something to search, to help me discover new views. I suppose this is what photographers feel on a day-to-day basis?

The second thing that was cool was that it was very fun to see autumn through other people's eyes. Most people included a little story, or a quick explanation of the photo experience, so knowing the background enhanced the moment, in which the photo was taken. I knew I would like creating this blog entry, but I had no idea that it would be so warming.

All that said, I would definitely like to do another Photo Party again soon. If you have ideas for photo subjects, comment and let me know. Thanks to everyone who attended this Photo Party, and I hope to see you again at the next!


Subscriber Section
This section is comprised of photos taken by newsletter subscribers.
Starting things off, the next 12 photos are from Matt Z., who sent in the most photos out of anyone! It would have been nice to include them all, but there were A LOT! The first 4 are from around his residence, in NW Indiana, as the leaves began to change. The following 8 are during Matt's trip to LaPorte Indiana, where he noted that they were probably the most gorgeous shots he ever experienced-- lucky us!
These next 4 photos are from Dmitry, all the way in Moscow. Dmitry was the first to send his photos to my email, so thanks for being the first one at the Party! ;)

Submitted by Joe M.

Also from Joe M, from the north side of McCormick Place, Chicago

Submitted by RJ, who says this Saturday morning view was an awesome start to 10/26/13

RJ ad to act quickly on this one, despite all the rain on Halloween, some sunshine was to be found in Roselle
This set of 8 photos are from Randy L., who experienced a huge color palette while at Starved Rock State Park, in Oglesby, IL. I have duly noted to take a trip there next fall!

These Party-goers submitted their photos when I invited via social media:

Steve M. snapped this during a ride on a bike trail

While cruising in his Vette, on the way home from Byron Dragstrip, Mike P. took this Saturday afternoon photo

Submitted by Tim of Bullet Fine Art

Cat captured a fall sunset in Michigan
April Z. snapped this while in Michigan

April Z. said the trip to Michigan was at the perfect time for these colors

And here is a set of photos that I took over the last month.

This year's collection of gourds for decorating

Sunlight highlights the leaves

Wind chimes in my mom's backyard

The fall sun decends

Berries ripen

A gradient of fall color

Marigolds bloom

Mardi gras in fall

Turning yellow on a wet day

A little bit of every color

Trees line Lake Michigan, Chicago

A scarlet fire