Welcome to the heart of my website; my blog. My stories. My Lores.

Below, I have divided my mania into different categories, to represent different interests in my life.

Do note that the bottom category is its own website!

01/04/19 Update:

3 new entries in LaLa Land.

My electronic journal.

Personal thoughts on my own life and just being a member of this planet.

Places I go, local and beyond!

All the noms. Eating cleaner, being sustainable, and discovering new ingredients and recipes, especially those created from scratch, instead of relying on processed junk.

To be healthy, internally and on the surface, one does not need to turn to synthetic medications or shelved beauty products, when the earth has provided remedies and the Fountain of Youth.

I love beer, and am actually studying it! Enough information to comprise its own website, so clicking the banner will open that website in a new tab/page.