Natural Makeup Remover

While I strive to use things from the earth, one of my biggest challenges to substitute is MAKEUP.

Makeup does not take a priority or interest in the things that I own, but I do go through a lot of it, since I'm required to wear it for work. Yay for florescent, convention-center-lighting.

Work aside, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy applying makeup. It is pretty fun to transform your face from a plain jane to a rockstar, even if you are happy with what God gave you.

After switching to a natural face wash, I no longer have a need for skin correctors, so most of my makeup application if spent on my eyes.

Eyeshadow + eyeliner + mascara + false lashes = I need a jackhammer to get this shit off.

When I was using synthetic cleansers, I never found one that both cleansed my face AND removed makeup as well; there was always the need to buy a separate makeup remover. It took much trial-and-error before I found a product that worked for me, and it was nice to see that ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice and cucumber extract were part of the lineup. But when I was began Googling the remaining "science" ingredients, I was concerned about "allantoin." It is a compound that is derived from the urine of most mammals. It can also be obtained via plants, but I wouldn't be surprised if the latter is more costly, and thus: more animal suffering for our convenience.

Even if I was being overly paranoid, it didn't make any sense for me to wash my face with natural products, but first use a synthetic product to remove my makeup. At that point, my fear of oils was diminished, and I had accumulated enough oils to begin experimenting with a natural makeup remover.

Many people swear by coconut oil being the best, but it doesn't work for me. I do encourage you to give that a shot first. For me, I mix a combination of grapeseed oil, almond oil,