Skin Changes

Specifically speaking about beauty, all of the blog entries are about methods and ingredients that work for me. After trial-and-error, if it has proven successful, I will stand behind it. BUT, just because these methods have produced positive results for me, that does not guarantee that they will work the same for you. Everyone is different:

different pH balances,

different skin types,

different lifestyles,

different regions with different climates, etc.

With that said, when trying ANYTHING new, experiment with a "patch test" first, to make sure you do not have any sort of negative reaction.

Do keep in mind that when you switch to a new application, your body may need to make an adjustment. This is not occurring solely because you are changing to a natural substance; you would have to watch out for this, even if you were changing to another synthetic product. While your body is adjusting, do not be discouraged if you temporarily experience some inconveniences, such as a breakout.

Most of the synthetic products on the shelves are aimed to dry you out. They make it seem that the natural oil that your body produces (sebum) is the enemy when, in reality, it is wonderful for clear skin and anti-aging. Aside from the general adjustment that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is one thing to note about switching to natural products: your body is going to have to get used to producing the correct amount of oil. The pH balance is going to be like, "Huh? What do I do?!" all while "detoxing" any of the synthetic junk out of your system.

Think of it as someone in rehab, who is coming off of drugs. Toxins are being moved around and worked out, so there may be some zits, oil production, or even a sluggish feeling, but that is part of the process to get clean. There may be a desire to "relapse" into the familiar sythetic, drying ingredients. Stick with the program to find what works, and the body will gain a proper balance again. You will be thankful, from the inside and out.

Obviously, if something extreme happens, say, a rash develops, then stop immediately. It may be redundant for me to state that, but you never know with some people. Be smart, take things slow, and seriously use the patch test. You don't want to put yourself into some sort of beauty and health shock. With any recipes, adjust as you see fit, or substitute ingredients that will work for you.