An Ode To Dorcas


I originally wrote this blog a few years ago (2007), on MySpace. But I feel the need to re-post it every year to honor the creator of my favorite food, and the holiday in which I first tried it. Green Bean Casserole (GBC)!

"What?! Really? Green Bean Casserole is your FAVORITE food?!" is usually the reaction I get from people. Followed by a you're-such-a-weirdo look.

Haha! Yes, it is!

I judge a "favorite food" by a 3 questions:

1.) could I eat it everyday?

2.) could I ever say "no" to it, even if I have a full stomach? and

3.) do I have dreams in which I swim in a giant pool of it, mouth open, and intaking a generous portion with every stroke?

Yes, no, and YES!

It's funny, because I never even heard of the dish until about 3 years ago, while at a friend's house. I plopped the green mess onto my plate, not knowing what I was about to experience.

You see, I am 75% Czech and 25% Polish. Although I am [sadly] not in touch with my heritage at all, my mom's side of the family's (who are purebred Czech) Thanksgiving dinner was fashioned after the cuisine/culture. Which primarily consisted of turkey, sauerkraut, and 7 different types of dumplings. So, I am a little bit sheltered when it comes to more traditional, American, Thanksgiving foods. Anywho, I tried the GBC and I was like, "WTF is this delicious concoction?!" I'm in love!

The years have gone by, and it still stands as a food I practically drool over. I love a lot of food-- I eat just about everything and there are a lot of dishes, from traditional to exotic, that qualify as favorites. But GBC, a side dish, is still the all time MVP. So, naturally, I wanted to Google how this delicious dish came to be.

It was invented in 1955 by Campbell's Soup company's kitchen leader, Dorcas Reilly. Ah Dorcas, I love thee. She's like 70-something now and doesn't even remember it. So humble-- said it was 100's of people who came up with the idea. But you were the leader, Dorcas. You were the leader.

And so, Dorcas, I am thankful for you. Not only on Thanksgiving, but throughout the entire year, because your dish has been incorporated into my meals, at any given day. Thank you, mama.