E-Hiatus Complete


*blows dust off of keyboard*

Hello internets.

It’s been a while, and I am finally at a nice place, where I will have time to contribute to some blogging on a more regular basis. What defines “regular” will be determined, but I can certainly say that it will be more structured than my attempts in the past.

I really love to write (type), and despite the fact that I have been absent for, well, 2 years, it is not a chore for me to contribute to a blog. But unfortunately, when it came to prioritizing, it had to take a backseat to the non-electronic world. It was all just a matter of timing and brain energy. Both of which have been limited for too long.

Not to give off the wrong impression-- prior to the forced hiatus, I was not a reliable blogger by any means. Time between posts was long and inconsistent, and there wasn’t any sort of theme. Well, I mean, the theme was ME, and that’s just all over the place.

The fact that I couldn’t write/hang out on the internet is a little sad, because I enjoy being on the computer. It’s therapy for me; a way to relax at home. It may sound strange, but allow me to provide some insight:

After high school, my best friends went away to college. I don’t like classrooms or unimaginative teachers (which comprises most teachers), so the school system was always torturous for me. I had no intention to continue my education after high school, but at the last minute, decided to enroll and get an Associates Degree from my nearby community college, just so I could say I had a fucking piece of paper.

While my friends were away, our primary source of communication was via AIM (AOL Instant Messenger in case someone really doesn’t know what that is). After I would get out of class, I’d immediately go home, and dial-up-connect to the World Wide Web, to see which of my friends were online. I’d eat lunch at the computer and chat with my friends, and then I’d dick around the web and learn about random shit. Which was way more entertaining than school. So began my associated happiness with the warmth of the computer screen.

I can still remember when it first became a “thing” to have an online journal. “Blog? Dafuq is that?” I was all about it. In the past, I took advantage of journal websites, and even the blog section on MySpace. Most recently, Blogger was my house, but it was not a home. Thinking about it, I don’t feel like I ever had a HOME for my blog.

I’ve spent the past month and a half (not consecutive, on my free days over the course of a month and half) updating my website, making it more mobile-friendly, and transferring over most of my previous Blogger entries. My website is no longer an online resume, and is now my blog. My home. And I’m really happy to kick off my shoes and write (type).

If you haven’t already visited the main Blog page on my website, I’ve categorized 6 different entry types. This entry that you are now reading is a post within “LaLa Land,” a category which is purely me. While all of the blog categories are me in one way or another, this category is my mind’s ramblings.

The other 5 categories are things that have made me more rounded over the past years, and also represent me. I won’t lay them all out here; they’re all on the main Blog page if you wish to check it out.

My "me time" is actually a bit hectic right now: we are short-staffed at my work, so I'm picking up slack, my mom is in a state that is requiring my attention, and I am building another website for an additional category of mine, that requires its own spot on the web. The schedule is crunched, to say the least. Regardless, I know that I am going to have some personal computer time a couple instances a week.

All of this balancing is temporary, and after it clears up, the more regular schedule is going to be a cakewalk. I still have some minor esthetic improvements on my website, but it is ready to host my blogs, and I wanted to make a new commencement entry ASAP. Which is right now, late on Wednesday, September 16, almost the 17th. I'm excited to officially kick things off and be back!

Aw, I should have had a beer while I did this! Tsk, tsk. Such an amateur.