Oh, Dad

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

A couple years ago, I made a blog post about my dad, which contained just one of many amusing voicemails my father has left me. Father's Day just passed, and I have another voicemail to share, in celebration of the holiday.

I've had some real gems saved, but a lot of them accidentally got deleted, after they were sitting in my inbox, and I didn't manually go in and re-save them. Some crock. Lesson learned, and I'm transferring any funny ones as soon as possible.

Prelude to this recording:

My dad is now retired, although he thinks he can still get up on a roof and and tar the shit out of it. So, his income is now his retirement fund, and he doesn't like to dip into anything besides what his monthly check provides. He asked me last week, if he could borrow $200, "to play with," and I was like, "Yeah, sure whatever," without any urgency to actually get that to him.

My dad has a huge love affair with horse-racing, and he is pretty much Even-Steven with his wins/losses ratio. But it never fails that, with each trip to the track, he has a GRAND STORY of how one little nose, or something freakish, or what-the-hell-ever happened, to gyp him out of thousands of dollars. Anyway, after I agreed that I would lend him the $200, he blew up my phone a couple days later, and I didn't answer his calls, because I was half genuinely busy and half just avoiding. Captions below the player.

^ If you can't view the player, click on this link:


"What are you doing-- you gotta call me back. Back-to-back, 2-4-6's came in at Hawthorne; I woulda paid you back that money already probably. I gotta go there today, to make sure I wouldn't have played the 2-4-6. ... Call me back."

That doesn't even make any sense?!

Yes, I did lend him the money, and took him out to dinner and drinks this past weekend, on top of that. He's good for it. :)