As 2014 rings in, the whole "blah blah blah" of reflection, fresh starts, personal promises, and vows to change can be nauseating. But you know what? This isn't some Hallmark propaganda. It's a NEW and it's actually a really good reason to get off your ass and take some time to think about your world. Going along with New Year's resolutions forces you into thinking about what you can change for the better. It's kind of like on Thanksgiving, where you are specifically asked as to what you are thankful for in life.

Recognizing what we appreciate, and taking action to better our world, are probably things we should be doing every day. But we don't. We get caught up in the worlds of economics, relationships, work, politics, and whatever else encompasses us on a day-to-day basis. Including small stuff, like sitting in traffic or getting a bad haircut. We forget to stop and smell the roses. We don't recognize that we are going to be 6 feet IN the ground a lot longer than the time that we spend walking ON the ground. So, shouldn't we do what we have to do, to absolutely rock this bitch called life?

The dawn of a New Year is a perfect reminder to do just that. Figure out what you need to do to successfully cater to health, relationships, leisure time, accomplishments, and finances. As you reflect on things that you can change for yourself, I urge you to also look to others to inspire your New Year's resolution(s). Make a change to help someone. Some suggestions that others have posted on my G+ and Facebook, and sent to my email: quit smoking for your children, start recycling, donate money to charity, and get healthy to ensure you can stay with your spouse for more years.

It's easy to fall off the wagon of a new habit, especially if you are just making a change because you feel it is something "should" do. There's no heart behind it, just your brain thinking rationally. If nothing's at stake, it's easy to make excuses, fall back into old habits, and forgive yourself. But if there is someone or something else that can reap the benefits of you sticking with it, then your willpower becomes more dominant. Using the "quitting smoking" example from above, knowing that you can let your children down, or possible having them endure health issues as a result of second-hand smoke, can serve as a good motivator to pop in another piece of nicotine gum.

Last year, I made a point to avoid plastic water bottles. I've always been a huge recycler, and giving up plastic water bottles would make no impact on my immediate life. But this resolution wasn't about me. I wanted to make an effort for the world and not contribute to a structure that hurts our environment and resources. This ended up being my most influential resolution for 2013.

For the most part, I either brought my own reusable container, found a water fountain, and even in some cases, chose to go thirsty (not when it would have impaired my health, as you'll read in a moment). Throughout the year, there was a handful of situations where I couldn't avoid it. For example, I was working an outdoor promo in the summer, forgot to pack my reusable bottle, and there was not any running water available. So, I put my tail between my legs, drank my plastic bottled water with guilt, and made sure to recycle my sin.

As the year went on, my resolution to specifically avoid plastic water bottles evolved into avoiding unnecessary waste in general. Now, I pack my own set of silverware when I travel, to avoid plastic utensils from on-the-go restaurants. I have a canteen for my trips to coffee/tea shops. Sponges or cloth have replaced paper towels for cleaning up. I opt to wash a kitchen plate instead of using a paper plate for convenience. Etc. etc. Overall, I am much more aware of my actions, and the carbon footprint it leaves behind. It makes me proud to have a sense of awareness and even consideration. Although by myself, my efforts don't make a difference, it's cool to know that "if everybody did it," there would be a HUGE change to the world. A lot of people lead this type of lifestyle, and I think it's only a mater of time before more people join in. Then I can be a hipster and say I was doing it before it was cool. :P

For me, 2013 was super, primarily due to my position with the auto show. Because of it, I had a number of new experiences and, forgive me for being totally cheesy here, I was able to grow. From a "skills" standpoint, I was able to develop my public-speaking to be more than just regurgitating a memorized speech, or a bit more advanced than what is required at a concert-type event. No quick "everybody make some noise" shout-outs, no scripts. Just pulling knowledge and speaking extemporaneously, and doing so in an eloquent, professional, yet engaging manner.

It has been GREAT to do so much traveling across the US. I have been to many cities and states that, prior to the auto show, I had never even stepped foot within. Miami, Boston, Houston, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Austin, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Nashville, Birmingham, and Phoenix are all new places for me. It has been incredible to experience new food, admire scenery, meet people, create some invaluable memories, and overall become more diverse.

But what may be the top tier are my teammates. As I was thinking about new habits I have developed or have begun to explore, I couldn't believe how much I can attribute to my team; they are incredible. They have taught me so much by sharing their knowledge and experiences with me. Becoming more rounded by traveling was enough, and they have been the icing on the cake.

I didn't know it at the time, but back in summer, when I made the decision about my new work path, it was a result of the growth that I had. I really had to shit or get off the pot, and I concluded that I must stop looking to work for someone else, and be my own boss instead. I have found satisfaction in knowing this, and now is just a matter of putting things into motion. So, bring in this new year for the new gameplan!

One of my 2014 resolutions is going to be a little bit more about me, but it's also incorporating other people as an effect. I feel my attitude needs to be adjusted into more of a positive direction. I think because my mom is very ill, it has caused me to be more bitter in my outlook. I've had to make some sacrifices, primarily in time, which has affected my existing work and inhibited my new project. I've also had to stand by and know that there isn't anything I could do to help. And every time someone bitches about their parent(s) inconveniencing them, the urge to bitch-slap rises. All in all, I've had very little patience with people. And uh... reality check: no one is perfect, and there will NEVER be a day that goes by without encountering someone who is acting inefficient or ignorant.

So, my resolution is when I interact with people, whether it be for work or play, to try and make them laugh.

Really. I'M the one who needs the laugh. And I'm not a very funny person. So, I got nothing going for me right now...

But I know that even if I fail and just look like a weirdo, I'm going to feel good for making light of every situation. In turn, I might actually provide entertainment for someone along the way, or at least break the ice. And I think people are more inclined to move and communicate more smoothly if there is no pressure. Some chick making an ass of herself should definitely take away any tension. I also think it will be a better way to connect with people; this resolution unintentionally covers more than one aspect, and I think it's really perfect for me.

So, what's your resolution? Have any ideas that involve someone else? Or people in general?