Shitty Advertisements


Back in May, I wrote my "End to a Dream?" blog entry, and at the conclusion, I mentioned that I would compose a new, separate blog entry of a related thought.

In case you haven't read "End to a Dream?," or maybe you don't want to re-read it, I will condense it into nutshell form:

I've told myself when I turned 30, that I should quit pursuing a career path in front of the camera, as a host. That year is here, and I feel like I should keep going because it gives me joy, but I also like to think with logic and rationality and therefore, should conclude that this is a lost cause. Age deadlines aside, there is one thing about this industry that I don't want a part of, but this "thing" is a necessary component in the funding of any media outlet and consequently, my paycheck.

And here we are. In case you didn't catch this entry's title, allow me to use bold and caps: SHITTY ADVERTISEMENTS.

"That sucks." "Holy hell, is that stupid." "Garbage, garbage, garbage." "FAIL."

Just a few thoughts to occupy my mind every time there is a commercial break on tv, the radio, Youtube video, etc. Oh! Or those damn "pop-ups" (I don't know what to call them since they don't actually "pop" in a new window-- it's those images that obnoxiously blanket themselves over the content) on webpages that you have to close out.

I do have to back-track, and tell you a little about my past and present, to provide some insight into my mentality, and why I give a damn:

I've always had a desire in me to tell a story. I've always been fascinated with photo and video (I mean, you literally have the ability to capture time). And I've always enjoyed writing. I don't have regrets, but my life would definitely be a lot different if I was able to tap into these passions in high school. Instead, I saw no point in sitting in each boring class, and was only there to get a piece of paper that said I graduated.

At the end of 2004, I began working with an online publication and local television show, and THAT'S when it finally all clicked. It was something to strive towards! So much excitement was in my heart, as I had the platforms to inform people as to what was going on. How great that there is an industry that does just that? We can enlighten people in different ways: whether it be good methods of living, things to do to be entertained, important news, so on, so forth.

April of last year (2012), I began making some changes to my lifestyle, to become more healthy. It wasn't about weight; I wanted to start "prepping" my body for my mother. (Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter know about this from June's issue. EDIT: newsletter on hiatus.) As I started cutting out processed and preserved food, and began using natural oils and organic substances for my beauty routine, I could literally feel my body healing. I wasn't sick, but when I say "heal," I mean revived. Essentially, I began to realize how much we, as a country, are HURTING ourselves simply with chemical-laden food and topical products, and we don't even know it. I won't even touch upon the pharmaceutical industry.

Up to speed now: I found a calling within informing people of QUALITY information, to either entertain or enrich, and I recently became aware of a better way to lead the one life on earth.

(And I also realize that I must be a little slow, since I am late to receive these life memos.)

If I find success in this industry, I will be compromised. Money is needed to produce, and most of that money is going to come from corporations in the form of advertising dollars. And that's where my definition of QUALITY goes to shit.

Next time, watch a commercial break, instead of changing the channel. Packaged food. Fast-food restaurant. Beauty cream. Medicine. Sugary drink. Those are a few examples of things I do NOT want to endorse to my audience. But they are so prevalent, because it is the demand. A large portion of the country simply doesn't know. When you've been born into a lifestyle where everything is already done for you, your brain is not exercised to question anything, and assumes everything is safe.

I heard one of Chicago's radio morning show personalities say something of this nature:

"Hmmm, I just had a delicious pancake-preserved meat-fake cheese breakfast sandwich meal that does not include any fruit, and you gotta try it too! Just $2.99 for a quick fix, that will give you no nutritional value and leave you feeling hungry again in a hour! Get yours TODAY!"

If I have to do that to earn a paycheck, I will die inside. I will not be happy. I am definitely turned off by the industry if I have to sell out to companies with shitty products.

I've had a pretty lazy month of August, with a lot of time to think. There surely must be a way to do things, so that money can come from things that I give "the OK." Organic food, clothing, home supplies, helpful businesses, just to name some off the top of my head. But if I am hired by someone, I do not have any liberty to control the budget so that soda and boner pills do not also end up in the mix.

I'm going to start doing something that I should have started a while ago (Again, slowpoke here with the late memos.).

I've been waiting for an opportunity, where someone will hire me; take me into their broadcasting facility. If I want to be in the position where I can shield out "the bad advertisements," then I have to hire myself. It's time to stop the mindset where I am relying on someone else, and just do my own thing. I'm not going to get rich off of doing this, but I will have a more real definition of success.

I am done. As far as any goals to be on television. You'll see me on the web, and I'll be having fun. If this turns into a venture to make money, or gain a larger following, then awesome. I will be glad to have people partying with me via my web videos. As a bonus, I'm going to be able to be more of myself and can shed the fake and censored "upbeat host" personality that every casting person/director thinks people want to see. People hate that bullshit, including me.

To answer "End to a Dream?"-- Yes, it has ended. Reality starts now.