As my favorite month winds down, so does my favorite season. And thus, I feel compelled to dedicate another blog entry to this wonderful time of year. This will be the third time I write about this season; I did it once on MySpace in 2006, once on Blogger a few years back, and now here. That season is:


Taking place during the month of September, it's the time frame when summer transitions into fall. Hot going into cool. It seems as if it is always the perfect temperature; the sun is out, but humidity is low, with a cooling breeze here and there. There's a sense of both excitement and calmness in the air. People are amped because football season ignites, but also pacified as baseball season winds down. Also in the air, is that smell of "good" fire: BBQ's during the day, and bonfires at night.

Ideal weather and good vibes aside, I always get motivated during Summall, and I attribute this to the fact that the school year begins at this time. It was always fun and anxiously exciting to start a new year (even in my later-school years when I hated going). It was a "fresh start," and that positive feeling is still embedded into my brain, even a decade after I have been out of any classroom.

Side story:

A couple weeks ago, I was shopping for adult stuffs, but I made a detour down the "back to school" aisle, just to smell the supplies. Is that weird?

Well, I don't care if it is.

I love how smells can act as a time machine and instantly put you back into the same mindset that you were feeling YEARS prior. Of course, the smell of a crayons/pencils/folders-mixture is a time capsule to merely being a little kid. But hey, that's a good feeling. It feels safe.

Anywho, this feeling of fresh start reminds me that I am in charge to do whatever I want for myself. When I'm on someone else's clock (at the job) for a good percentage of my week, I forget that I need to work for myself as well. Work to capitalize on the privilege that, for a short period of time, I get to ride the earth around the sun. Work to make me the best to my abilities. It makes me feel empowered by life, and to get out there and get shit done! Take the bull by the horns! Jump in with both feet! [Insert another idiom!]

This entry arrives late in Summall-- I only have 5 more days until it's pizza month (I don't know why, but I eat pizza like crazy during the month of October). Although my motivation will continue on, even after September/Summall has passed, I am happy to acknowledge it now. I get the impression that a lot of people also love this time of year, but have you thought to reflect why? There are so many good things to say-- it's more than just an excuse to wear a hoodie again. Does anyone else also feel the same way about a fresh start? Or, is there another aspect of Summall to recognize?