I Don't Like It

The comments section. Oh, how I love to hate thee.

Whenever I watch a YouTube video, read an article, or look at a photo, I simply cannot close out the page. I need to scroll down to that comments section and become frustrated at the utter stupidity, lack of filter, and completely ignorant contributions that people have to add to the corresponding media.

This alone can be an entire TTCMB entry of its own, but there’s one particular type of comment that is like nails on a chalkboard.

"I don’t like it."

This particular type of comment stands out to me, more than the others. It serves no purpose. At least I can justify ignorant comments because I understand that they are caused by lack of experience and/or education. Some people are just simple-minded and will type stupid things, because… well… that’s what they are. And the same goes for the assholes; they’re just pricks who are sounding off. They’re all looney, but I mean, I can wrap my mind around it.

But the “I don’t like it” comments are the most pointless dribble of them all.

No one gives a shit if you don’t like it.

There is nothing constructive about your comment. It doesn’t add to anything. It doesn’t entertain. It’s just you on your soapbox, talking about yourself.

In May 2014, I shaved the side of my head, and colored my hair purple and pink. I had ever done anything like that before, and I was really excited about it, so I posted a photo. Not fishing for compliments (as so many people assume whenever a girl posts a photo online); just “documenting” a new thing in my life. Inevitably, there were a couple “I don’t like it” responses.

Like I give a fuck, and need to know where they stand? I imagined a little kid with a scrunched up nose when I read the comments.

I’m not against opposing opinions. As a human being, we will experience life and we will not like some of the shit we come across. And as a US citizen, we are given the liberty to express these opinions.

That doesn’t mean it’s your duty.

I saw someone posted a photo of their meal, and expressed how they were craving the dish, and were happy to eat it. Looking at the comments, one person typed, “Eww, I hate it!

No one fucking cares, you fucking Debbie Downer, raining shit on this person’s moment! You’re more than welcome to go on your OWN profile, and type how you don’t like something. Don’t fucking take a steaming shit on someone else’s party.

Practically any YouTube video will be filled with peanut gallery quips. “This sucks,” “not funny,” or “this is stupid.” There is a thumb up/down option: leave it at that, unless you are going to add WHY it sucks/is not funny/is stupid.

Otherwise, it does absolutely nothing constructive for the content. If a photo, video, article, or status ignites a debate where one can present opposing facts and considerations, then by all means, fire away with a meaningful opposition.

But if it’s just a matter of taste and preference, then keep the comment where it belongs: in your fucking head.

Whiney, little bitch.

And before anyone starts to point out that I may be contradicting myself because the premise of *MY* TTCMB blog is all about how "*I* don't like it," allow me to stop you right there:

This blog is on MY website, where I am expressing MY opinions. I'm not going on other people's profiles and using their content as a means to express myself. I'm doing this on my own platform, and no one is forced to read it. Anyone who finishes any of the "TTCMB" entries are here at their own will.