First off, I'd like to point out that I refuse to write my "bio" in the third person. My website is a way to speak with YOU, and I'm not going to act like someone other than myself wrote this crap.

Second, thanks for wasting your time here. This is my personal home on the World Wide Web, and there's a strong chance that you may feel dumber when you finish up. But regardless, if you are here, I thank you for giving my home another purpose, other than indulging myself.

All of our attention spans are limited, so I might as well get to the point... what am I ABOUT?

What do you do?

I am a bartender at a craft beer gastropub, and for half of the year, I also travel as a narrator within the auto show industry. Some people are confused as to what the latter means, so to break it down:

There are auto shows across the country, and I'm the chick that stands next to a display vehicle, speaking to an audience about its features.

Narrating is merely one of the skills on my media resume; I worked as an on-camera host for local Chicago television and web video, and I also worked as a writer for digital and print magazines.

A loooooong time ago, I worked as a commercial print model. You'll never hear me define myself as a model-- it was simply another job. The only reason I even mention it, is because it was a huge contributing factor to my life path. And because people have a tendency to call me one, based upon the fact that I did on-camera work in the past, and I presently stand next to cars. (Please, I'm not.)

I know you from TV/web hosting, What happened with that?

I love connecting with an audience and developed aspirations of becoming a television host/personality. But as my experience grew, and I became more involved, my eyes were opened to what it really means to be in the media industry. I was faced with a personal dilemma:

either "sell out" to achieve working success, or

stay true to my morals and leave something (on-camera work) which brings me great joy.

I chose the latter.

Although I'm trying to keep this About page short, I support your right to internet-stalk, and if you want to read about my industry journey and decision to "retire," I made a sub-page here: Industry Journey.

Despite my decision to abandon corporate pursuits, I can continue to create videos and blogs as my own boss. Which leads me to...

What's on this website?

Although I have no desire to work for "the man," my passion for communication hasn't gone anywhere. I've always loved to write, and the computer and internet are very therapeutic for me. Technology continues to advance, and the internet is literally at everyone's fingertips. Having personal platforms to create and share information are more efficient and easier than ever.

In October 2015, this website was transformed from a promotional tool/hosting resume, to my personal blog where I can share my stories, uncensored thoughts, and web videos. Now this website is a window into my life, and the stuff that goes on in my head. Most of this takes place on the Blog page, so go there to see how I have divided my mania into different categories. Maybe you can relate to one of the topics?

WHO are you?

I find it challenging to describe myself, especially when I'm trying to keep this short, so here is another sub-page with an elaboration of who I am today: My Being.

Overall, I here to live a QUALITY life. I'm not living to be a slave to the dollar bill, or fulfill an artificial reality. I am living to learn as much as I can, exercise my 5 senses while they still work, and to overall make the most of the short period of time that we are above the ground.

I'm some broad from Chicago that is looking to connect with like-minded individuals. If you love

humor that doesn't cater to someone else's sensitive feelings,

having a life without advertisements everywhere,

sustaining the earth,

appreciating nature,

drinking craft beer,

eating food that is made without man's ingredients,

using the mind to create a positive life, or

not being someone who whines/is constantly offended,

then we have something in common.