As I conduct more Livestreams, it is becoming more apparent for me to add an FAQ/Comments. 

This page will be updated as fresh inquires and comments become frequent.


Q. How old/young are you?
A. I have been around the sun 40 times. I escaped my mother's womb in 1983.

Q. Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
A. I only have my ear lobes pierced, and I have a simple line-tattoo of a chicken on my ankle. The story with that:
My 3 best girlfriends and I refer to ourselves as chickens, so when we turned 40, we stamped ourselves with the same tattoo to commemorate our 32 years of friendship.

Q. How are your teeth so white?
A. Over a decade ago, I switched over to more of a holistic lifestyle, and one thing that was incorporated, was using hydrogen peroxide as my "mouthwash." Aside from that, I do have a thorough dental regimen, which includes regular flossing and power-washing (Waterpik), electric toothbrush, charcoal brushing, coconut oil pulling, and I make my own toothpaste (baking soda, calcium carbonate powder, mint oil).

Q. Are you married?
A. No. I have been a deep thinker for a long time, and I've never quite understood marriage as something for the "to-do" list of life accomplishments. While I do desire to have a bestest friend/lover to hang out with during this lifetime, I'm not sure if I will ever do the ceremony and government document. I have so much love in my life, I don't think about this thing until it is asked.

Q. Are you dating?
A. Yes, there is one man in my life.

Q. Do you have children?
A. No. I have always wanted to adopt, but I've never wanted to create my own semen demons. I very much enjoy my capricious lifestyle, and will probably not be adopting anytime soon, but it's a possibility for the future.

Q. How tall are you?
A. 5 ft. 8 in. / 172.72 cm. / 1.88889 yd. / 1.727201016 m.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. In the city, I have lived in Lincoln Park, and Logan Square.

Q. No, I mean where you're from, with your family?
A. Oh, my heritage. I was told my entire life that I am 75% Czech, and 25% Polish, but my brother took one of those hereditary tests, and his came back 86% Czech, 9% English, 3% Scandinavian, and 2% Italian.


Q. Orientation?
A. Unfortunately, I am straight AF and am attracted to men. In my mind, I consider myself open, and would like to think that if there was a genuine human-to-human connection, that I wouldn't care to think about the other person's gender/orientation. But so far, nothing that powerful has arose. And vaginas terrify me.

Q. Do you go for older/younger men?
A. The keyword here is "MAN." Because, IDGAF about age. I don't use it as a measuring tool, to where they should be at, within the human experience or humor, or to associate someone's identity. My #1 attraction is mental health, and that they are a MAN, and not a BOY. And being a true man (from my definition) is one that allows themselves to express emotions (especially crying), takes time to understand the roots of their thoughts and opinions, and can make fun of themselves/admit when they fuck up. This makes a true leader (man or woman) and makes life veryyyyyy intriguing. If a man can do that at age 23 or 65, that's the foot in the door for me.

Q. Does size matter?
A. It doesn't. But if you haven't been "blessed," you're going to have to train and educate yourself more than someone who is well-endowed. And on the flip-side, if you have been "blessed" too much, you're going to have to train yourself in a different way. Start with researching the Skene's gland. Continue to learn the basic anatomy of women, and also note that, just like the external, the internal comes in different sizes. Lastly, don't label this as having to do "more work;" instead, label this as gaining "more skill." Enjoying the process will add even more to the performance. Oh, and one more thing, part of the training is making your lady safe/comfortable enough to reveal everything she likes/wants/needs. Then combine your basic anatomical overview, with her personalized mentality. Great first question for you both: "How do you like to feel when having sex?" (desirable, powerful, submissive, worshipped, degraded, etc.)

Q. Do you have an OnlyFans?
A. Yes, I have a non-spicy account. It exists so that I may specifically VERBALLY Livestream without upsetting "community guidelines" (gutter humor, sex talk, swearing, etc.).
OF @ LaurenStrec


Q. You are only doing these (livestreams) for money and gifts.
A. Fiction. The monetary awards are an incentive to do them more routinely. Of course, I enjoy the gifts and am grateful for the bonus. But it is not the only reason I do livestreams and social media. I thoroughly enjoy being on camera.

Q. Why should I gift you (re: link in bio, or on livestreams)?
A. You don't have to do shit. I do not demand gifts. Some people enjoy sending gifts, and my prompts are for those people whose lifestyle correlates with that love language. If you are not one of those people, I will more than likely still enjoy your presence on my Livestreams. Just don't be an energy vampire, or yuck the yum. And we're good.

Q. Why do you ask for a Tribute ($25) to DM you?
A. Although I have a social media presence, my priority is real life! First, with my myself and nature, followed by socialization, and last with work and responsibilities. Even in real life, I avoid small talk, and prefer to get out there and talk about anything deep or off-the-cuff. With all that said, if you want to access my time via DM, I request this Tribute to separate your DM from those who are just messing around on social media. Otherwise, most DMs are ignored so I can manage my day with finesse.
(note: anyone who has already gifted me a similar amount via Livestreams, I automatically follow you back on TikTok (or preferred platform) to record that as the Tribute.)