Contact / DM

In order to DM me, I require a $25 Tribute to open the conversation. 

If this seems outrageous to you, please leave me alone.
If you would like to learn my perspective, I do not mind to provide an explanation below.

>>> To send via money app, they are listed on my Gift Me page.

>>> $25 gift(s) purchased on my Amazon Wish List apply as the Tribute. 

>>> Another applicable Tribute is the accumulation of $25 worth of coins received through TikTok Livestreams (keep in mind that conversion for 1 TikTok coin is 1.5 cents (USD). Then, TikTok takes 50% of coins given. Meaning, 7500 TikTok coins= $25).

I can communicate via
- OnlyFans
- Instagram
- TikTok (I will need to follow you in order to make that accessible)
- Email

Although I don't prefer to, I can also use these platforms:
- Facebook
- X/Twitter

When sending the Tribute or gifting via Amazon Wish List, if you can include your preferred social media and handle, that will make it easier for me to find your DM (ex. @johnsmith instagram).



I partake in social media and post content, because I genuinely find joy in creating videos and entertaining. But even if I post regularly, it does not equate that I am on my phone or computer at all hours of the day. I am a goof, but I also have a ton of responsibilities. And throughout the day, my #1 bestie and favorite person to hang out with, is ME.

Despite that, another thing that I genuinely enjoy, is connecting with people. After +20 years of doing social media (I'm including AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace), I am fortunate for all the "digital friends" I have made; some of which have transitioned into "3D friends." It would be lovely to continue creating more friendships, but at this point, if I were to respond to every DM, I would need to be on all the platforms ALL THE TIME.

Not to mention the amount of DMs that I receive that are actually wasting my time: disrespectful messages, basic/pointless "hey" communication, asking for nudes, or free therapy sessions (just to name a few examples).

Having the Tribute filters out unwanted solicitations, and assists me in determining those with friendly intentions. I very much VALUE my time! If you don't share that value, I respect that! You can respect me back by leaving me alone, and investing in other things that matter in your own Earth-bubble. Cheers.