My Being

I take things in, observe, and analyze. It's something I have always done, for as long as I can remember. Even though it has left the impression that I am shy or introverted, or maybe even creepy, I like that I do it. Because, it has allowed me to see a bigger picture, and I believe it is a huge contributing reason as to why it's not a challenge to be humble.

I've watched others condescend or be mean, just because they are attractive. When someone disrespects another, I understand how powerful the repercussions can be. I know that the satisfaction of making someone laugh, feels better than owning a materialistic possession. I remember things like this, and they influence my demeanor and attitude.

When I meet people, I am courteous, never feel entitled to anything, and say "please and "thank you." I understand that one has to earn things, and if anything is ever gifted, it's a bonus. You won't catch me patting myself on the back just because I have a vagina.

One comment that I repeatedly hear from people that I meet is:

"Wow-- I wasn't expecting you to be so cool."


Ha yeah: I'll take it. I wear a push-up bra, love my fake eyelashes, and my hair is presently highlighted blonde. I'm not going to take it personally if someone's conclusion is that my personality is going to match some fake accessories.

Although I wouldn't call myself a tomboy, I am definitely a "guy's girl." Applying makeup is as girly as I get, and that's only because I think it's fun to paint my face. I loathe shopping for clothes, getting my nails done, and purses. I think wine and chocolate are over-rated. I don't own many pairs of shoes. (However, the ones that I do must have high[-as-giraffe-pussy] heels.)

I can be called upon to drink beer, move furniture, hike, or set up a bonfire. I do like an adventure, especially activities that engage and challenge the body. I also like to obtain skills that I can show off via a certification or license. At the moment I only have 2: my PADI scuba certification and my "M" class on my driver's license. If it were available in Chicago, I would be in stunt driving courses. In the meantime, the local highways are my practice grounds. >Cue Ludacris's, "Move Bitch!"< Kidding.

Almost all of my friends have been with me for most of the time I have walked this earth. I met my 3 best girlfriends within the first decade of my life. I've always been hesitant to toss out the word, "friend," because my definition is very serious. Having true friends keeps your head in check, and it's a relationship that I value deeply.

I spend a lot of my free time tasting beer. Notice I said tasting, and not drinking! Of course I drink entire glasses, but I am very involved in craft beer, to the point where I study it. I'm huge on quality ingredients, aromas, and tastes, so there is a lot more than just guzzling the brew. I visit breweries, alehouses, and attend beer dinners. It's so fun! But everything in moderation. Speaking of:

In recent years, I have strived to live a more healthy lifestyle by eating less processed foods, making things from scratch, and overall avoiding synthetic ingredients. This has also translated over into my beauty regimen: I use essential oils, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar for most of my beauty needs.

My mom became extremely ill; Hepatitis C which also led to cirrhosis of the liver. It was a terrbile to see my mom suffer, and her health is what set the fire under my ass to start living, eating, and treating myself with care. Who knows? If she hadn't gotten so sick, perhaps I'd still be eating processed food, or wasting my money on skin care products. Not saying that's what needed to happen, but my life would be different in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, although medication made her Hep C dormant in March 2015, her liver was so bad that it was the cause of her passing in January 2016. I'm not including this to evoke pity; I mention it for its relevancy as to who I am today.

Let's see, what else? I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, my younger sister has autism, I have never been to Europe, I think I look like a man, I have a blue-crowned conure parrot named Kiwi, I barely graduated high school because my goal was to get a "D-" (technically pass)... Email me and tell me what else I should add here.

All in all, I am extremely easy going. It takes a lot to upset me, and even then, I work it all out and move on. Life is too short to dwell on negative things, or to let someone of something make you feel unworthy. I can go on and recite a bunch of cliche quotes/sayings, but I find it redundant. I think you get where I'm going?


Color: Brown

Animal: Red Fox

Bird: Peacock

Flower: Tiger Lily

Smell: Rain

Cookie: White Chocolate Macadamia

Nut: Pistachio

Cuisine: Mexican

Time Era: The Roaring 20's

Holiday: 4th of July

Season: Summall (between summer and fall)


* People who don't put away shopping carts

* Unneccessary plastic waste

* Conversations via text message

* The smell of storage

* Automatic toilets

* People who stop in the middle of a walking flow

* People who drive 5 under in the left lane

* Pennies

* Web ads that magically appear and blanket over the entire page